Waterfront Parking Options & Fees

Waterfront parking facilities include the Vallejo Station Parking Garage, Parking Lots A1, A2, A3, B, and F, and are outlined in blue on this map. Waterfront parking is available in daily and monthly increments.


Waterfront parking facilities are enforced and accessible 24/7/365. Overnight and multiple-day parking is permitted, as long as the duration of time parked is paid for. Monthly fees are valid for one full calendar month. Waterfront parking is not discounted or pro-rated.


You will need your license plate number for all transaction methods:

Kiosk: Pay daily and monthly fees in the parking lots, garage, and Ferry Building. Kiosks accept Visa and MasterCard. Only the kiosk in the Ferry Building accepts cash; exact payment is required, change is not given. Enter your mobile number upon purchase to activate expiration notifications and to extend parking sessions via text message.

Online: Pay monthly fees by clicking here. Monthly accounts setup and paid for online allow for additional options such as auto-renew and auto-pay features, as well as the option to add additional license plate numbers. Kiosks do not offer these options.

Smartphone: Pay hourly and daily fees via the Parkmobile smartphone app. You can extend parking sessions remotely via this method should you need additional time. (Parkmobile Waterfront zone code: 6789)

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