Building and Zoning

Whenever a building or structure is constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved or demolished a building permit is required; the project must also comply with the City’s commercial zoning regulations.

The zoning section is responsible for the review of all license applications and building plans to ensure the correct use of land and compliance with the development regulations set down in City ordinances. The zoning section also supports the City Council in matters of code interpretation, requests for variance and administrative decision appeals.

You can get the information needed to submit a permit application during office hours in one of three ways:

  • Visit us in person
  • Call the Building Division on (707) 648-4374
  • Print building permit application at this site and fax in to (707) 552-0163 for immediate issuance

Visit our Economic Development Division for more information about the following building and zoning topics:


General Plan 2040

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