The City of Vallejo is excited to announce that its municipal broadband service, formerly "VallejoNet," has been rebranded as "VIP Fiber."

This rebranding initiative is part of the City's ongoing efforts to position Vallejo as a hub for technological innovation and to reflect its commitment to providing high-quality, reliable internet service to its residents and businesses.

Community-owned ISPs are driven by the needs and interests of the local residents rather than profit-driven motives. The profits generated stay within the community, promoting local growth, job creation, and economic development. VIP is committed to upholding net neutrality principles, ensuring everyone enjoys a level playing field on the internet.

Local businesses currently using VIP include Brooks & Co. Real Estate, Kindred Motorworks, Aardvarks Adventureland, Better Chew Kitchen, Suite Treatments Inc., and many more! You, too, can be a part of VIP.

Learn more about your local ISP and request a quote today to experience the premium internet service offered by VIP Fiber and join Vallejo in its mission to lead technological advancements in the region while enjoying fast and affordable internet!

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