Street Cleaning & City Cleanup


Project Allocation: $ 120,000 Amount Expended: 21%
Votes: 1,153 Voting finish among 12 projects approved: #5
Project Description:
Beautify Vallejo by removing weeds, litter and debris from vacant City lots, thoroughfares and rights-of-way.

Implementing Entity:
California Conservation Corps
Public Works Department

This project provides funding for contracted crews to clean up sites selected by the City that are causing blight and diminishing Vallejo's image in the eyes of residents of visitors. The project would include four (4) bi-annual clean-up events across the City of Vallejo: Each clean-up event will cover dozens of streets, highways, public spaces, right of ways, and railways, providing weed abatement, trash cleanup, and debris removal. The project emphasizes that contracted crews should be Vallejo young adults, when and where possible.

Update: A draft contract was delivered by the City to the California Conservation Corps (CCC) in February 2015, but the state agency never executed the contract and the two parties terminated negotiations in October 2015.

The City already contracts with House of Acts for street clean-up at various locations throughout the City, but the City was not able to identify an organization with the capacity to carry-out clean-up on the scale required by the project scope.

In March 2016, City Council reallocated the $120,000 in funding. $25,000 was reallocated to Public Works for Graffiti Abatement work, augmenting their existing Fiscal Year 2015-16 budget, and is expected to be fully utilized by June 30, 2016. The remaining $95,000 was reallocated to help fund a Cycle 4 of Participatory Budgeting in 2016-17.

City Cleanup Project Proposal

Resolution No. 13-116 N.C.
Original Project Proposal

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